CARF Mephisto V2 Alex Raff Scheme - RTF


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CARF Mephisto V2 Alex Raff Scheme

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We are selling our superb CARF Mephisto V2 Alex Raff Scheme. It is in perfect condition like new

  • Kingtech K320 G4
  • 7L fuel Tank
  • Smoke Tank
  • Powerbox Smoke Pump
  • Landing gear Electron + GS200 Module
  • Vecto
  • Cortex Pro
  • CentralBox 210 + 2x Rsat2 + 1x RS900mhz
  • UAT 300ml
  • Kingtech Telemetry module
  • Life 3S 3800mAh for the turbine
  • 2x Powerion RB 6200mAh for the Box
  • Servos Savox SG2290 and OPS2920AHV

Ready to be use with a Jeti transmitter ( model file can be provided)

All that's missing is your reception system.
On request and at an additional cost, we can deliver it with the radio and the Box. It will then be turnkey. (your choice, JETI or Powerbox Core)

CARF Mephisto V2 is to pickup at our workshop
We can deliver it everywhere in Europe. Please ask us for a quote


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CARF Mephisto V2 Alex Raff Scheme - RTF

CARF Mephisto V2 Alex Raff Scheme - RTF

CARF Mephisto V2 Alex Raff Scheme


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