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Fly with the biggest Rc Backpack frame never built before. Backpack XL for wings over 5m

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Max weight - 12 kg

Max weight

12 kg

Max flight time - 45 min

Max flight time

45 min

Flight type - Versatile, Thermals

Flight type


FPV - Yes



Propeller size - 18 "

Propeller size

18 "

Power range - 2200-3500W

Power range


Be the King with Backpack XL

Opale Paramodels is glad to introduce you the Backpack XL.

The best word to define this product is Royal, the outstanding dimensions of it will leave you speechless.

This Backpack was especially developed for the pilot Tom. In order to give him the thrust to reach the sky in no time, we’ve decided to design a Backpack that will only carry the pilot, so we paid a consuming attention to details, to make it as much realistic as possible. Our team members were very enthusiastic after the first test flights, a one of a kind feeling simply hits you. However the esthetic was not done at the expense of the robustness. Thanks to the sturdiness of the materials, the Backpack XL is almost indestructible.

Beside the performance was not neglected, thanks to a 18in Opale Paramodels Carbon propeller, you will  significantly reduce the noise, and in the mean time, increase the motorization efficiency. Therefore you will only need between 25% and 50% of throttle.

The association with the pilot Tom leads to one the best combo we ever made. And that is precisely where the attachment of details during the development occur. Indeed, we found essential to make this Backpack as much convenient as possible. That is the reason why when you mount the Tom on the Backpack, the  pilot plate simply disappears in the Kingair Evo harness thanks to a dedicated pocket located inside the lower pocket of the harness. That’s why the realism of this combo is unmatched, you will no longer be able to distinguish it from a real paramotor. Another point and not the least, is that you can remove the pilot from the Backpack in only 2 minutes whenever you decide to go for a slope soaring trip.


  • Oxy 5.0
  • Hybrid 5.2
  • Camo R4.2


Dimensions [cm]:
Minimal mass in order to fly [kg]:
5.2 (including pilot Tom / frame / motorization)
11.5 (including pilot Tom / frame / motorization)
Maximal mass in order to fly [kg]:
Materials: Steel / Aluminium
Risers spacing [cm]:
Motorization [W]: recommended wattage from 2000 up to 3500
Propeller size [cm]:


  • 1 x Backpack XL frame
  • 1 x propring
  • 1 x hardware kit

Required and not included:

  • Wing
  • Motor set for Backpack XL
  • Batteries
  • TX / RX 2,4ghz
  • Pilot TOM


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Backpack XL

Backpack XL

Fly with the biggest Rc Backpack frame never built before. Backpack XL for wings over 5m


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