RC paramotor kit ARTF Hybrid 3.0 / Backpack L / Pilot Lucas


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A RC paramotor kit dedicated to pilots looking for flight smoothness and comfort, a peace of mind RC model.

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Pilot skills - Beginner, Intermediate

Pilot skills


Motor power - 857 W

Motor power

857 W

Flat wingspan (cm) - 400

Flat wingspan (cm)


Max wind speed - 30km/h

Max wind speed


Flight type - Versatile, Thermals

Flight type


Propeller size - 12 "

Propeller size

12 "

RC Paramotor kit ARTF Hybrid 3.0 / Backpack L / Pilot Lucas

This kit combine the smoothness of the Hybrid 3.0, the reliability of the Backpack L and its motorization and the breathtaking realism of the pilot Lucas. A special association dedicated to all pilots, and if you begin it is the ideal kit to quickly learn RC paramotoring. This wing has a high tolerance for piloting errors, which will make your flights a lot more easier because the Hybrid 3.0 is very handy. But this combo will also meet the highest skilled pilots' needs who will appreciate the smoothness, the versatility and the reactivity during delicate flight situations.

Hybrid 3.0

The Hybrid 3.0 is a total new special Opale Design developed with the combination of singleskin and doubleskin technology, Hybrid 3.0 provides the advantages of each of those: wing inflating now becomes easier, it's speed is increased even in strong wind conditions and its profile leads to better performances. The stability is not either outdone, improved by DS-Technology, its Sharknose profile, used for closed cells. Piloting accuracy is also significantly increased, meaning really fun flight sensations that will make you enjoy your long flight hours!

Wing features:

Flat wingspan [m] / [ft]:4 / 13
Flat area [m2] / [ft2]:3 / 32.3

Hybrid 3.0 content:

  • 1 x Hybrid 3.0
  • 1 x fabrics repair kit
  • 1 x bridle repair kit
  • 1 x innerbag

Backpack L

Like its little brother the Backpack M2, version L has the same level of modularity.
Do you want to do scale flights? You only have to affix the landing gear to the frame.
Need to perform aerial pictures? Add the servos holder kit, enjoy a larger battery size and an awesome volume to install your equipment.
It is also possible to add the Speedbar system option and the parachute rescue system to protect your frame of the most violent impacts done during aerobatics.

Backpack L features:

Dimensions [cm] / [in]:35x35x24 / 13.8x13.8x9.5
Empty mass [kg] / [in]:1.3 / 2.9
Maximum mass in flight [kg] / [lb]:7 / 15.4
Materials:Aluminium / Steel
Propeller size [in]:12

Backpack L content:

  • 1 x Backpack L
  • 1 x hardware kit

Pilot Lucas ARTF

Equipped with a speedbar system, you will have the opportunity to accelerate the wing or to perform harness support like a real paraglider.
A S.P.S (Servo Protect System) has been developped for the arms in order to preserve the mechanical actuators in the event of a crash. (R&D and licensed by Opale Paramodels).
Lucas's harness offers a lot of details. Specially designed to carry a receiver, a vario sensor and a battery inside its back pocket, it allows also to bring up to 5kg (11lb) of ballast.

Pilot Lucas features:

Height [cm] / [in]:45 / 17.7
Materials:Polyurethane resin /  PU Nylon (flight suit)
Servomotors (pilot's arms):2x 24kg/cm servos (size: 66x30x60mm / 2.6x1.2x2.4in)
Servomotors (Speedbar system):2x 10kg/cm  servos (size: 40x20x40mm / 1.6x0.8x1.6in)
Empty mass [kg] / [lb]:1.3 / 2.9

Pilot Lucas ARTF content:

  • 1 x pilot Lucas naked
  • 1 x flight suit
  • 1 x harness
  • 2 x Hitec HS805BB 24kg/cm servomotors
  • 1 x hardware kit
  • 1kg ballast
  • 2 x stainless steel buckles

Included in this kit:

  • 1 x Hybrid 3.0
  • 1 x Backpack L
  • 1 x Backpack L motor kit (motor+ESC+propeller)
  • 1 x pilot Lucas ARTF

Required and not included:

  • 6s 3700 up to 6000mAh LiPo and 2S 800mAh Lipo
  • Mixer for paramodels
  • Transmitter 2.4Ghz with receiver
  • Battery charger




J'ai ajouté avec ce quitte un train d'atterrissage, car j'avais quelques difficultés à faire décoller mon modèle et depuis je m'éclate comme un fou. Atterrissage et décollage n'ont plus de secret pour moi, en plus les couleurs de la voile sont remarquables. Modèle d'une grande qualité et la stabilité de la voile est incroyable.

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    RC paramotor kit ARTF Hybrid 3.0 / Backpack L / Pilot Lucas

    RC paramotor kit ARTF Hybrid 3.0 / Backpack L / Pilot Lucas

    A RC paramotor kit dedicated to pilots looking for flight smoothness and comfort, a peace of mind RC model.


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