RC paramotor kit ARTF Oxy 5.0 / Backpack XL / Pilot Tom


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Looking for a RC paramotor model versatile and true-to-life. Well, you are in the right place. With the attention that we attached to details you will not find a more realistic model.

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Pilot skills - Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Pilot skills


Motor power - 3000 W

Motor power

3000 W

Flat wingspan (cm) - 510

Flat wingspan (cm)


Max wind speed - 25 km/h

Max wind speed

25 km/h

Flight type - Versatile

Flight type


Battery - 2x 6S 3700mAh


2x 6S 3700mAh

RC Paramotor kit ARTF Oxy 5.0 / Backpack XL / Pilot Tom

Royal. This is the best word to define this XL-Combo. We have never produced a so large size kit.

In flight, compare to a real one scale 1:1, you can not see any difference.

The size of the Backpack XL in combination with the big Oxy 5.0 and the pilot Tom will lift you straight up to another dimension. The realism is unmatched and the pleasure of flying leaves you speechless. All of our team members were very enthusiastic after the first test flights because it brings you a one of a kind feeling that you never felt before.  

The first feedback from customers at the Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen  in November 2016 showed the enthusiasm. 

Oxy 5.0

Have you ever dreamed of it? Opale Paramodels did it! Among the last new products from Opale Paramodels, Oxy 5.0 is the biggest wing ever marketed to practice RC paramotor, with its 5.10m wingspan. Thanks to its singleskin technology, Oxy 5.0 provides such an accessibility that make it suitable for beginners willing to begin with the discipline. Indeed, the wing is easy to inflate and its piloting is both smooth and accurate. Its range of use is very large and have a reduced consumption.

Wing features:

Flat wingpsan [m]:5.1
Flat area [m2] :5

Oxy 5.0 content:

  • 1 x Oxy 5.0
  • 1 x fabrics repair kit
  • 1 x bridle repair kit
  • 1 x innerbag

Backpack XL

Using the big 18 inches Opale Paramodels carbon propeller you will  significantly reduce the noise, and in the mean time, increase the motorization efficiency. Therefore you will only need between 25% and 50% of throttle in order to get the same thrust than a wood propeller at its highest efficiency.

Thanks to the mechanical resistance of the materials, the Backpack XL is almost indestructible. In combination with the new pilot TOM it's one of the best combo we ever produce. Its design so reel and refined brings a unique touch to the whoie thing. After mounting TOM you will no longer see the pilot plate, it simply disappears inside the Backpack XL. This part goes inside a dedicated pocket located in the Kingair Evo harness and bring a higher stability. Besides to add some ballasts or to replace the batteries, there is plenty of room inside the lower pocket. Another benefit and not the least of this combo, is that you can remove TOM from the Backpack XL, in 2 minutes, whenever you decide to go for a slope soaring trip.

Backpack XL Features:

Dimensions [cm] / [in]:53x53x31 / 20.8x20.8x12.2
Minimal mass in order to fly [kg] / [lb]:5.2 / 11.5 (including pilot Tom / frame / motorization)
Maximal mass in order to fly [kg]:12 / 26.4
Materials:Steel / Aluminium
Risers spacing [cm] / [in]:22 / 8.5
Motorization [W]:recommended wattage from 2000 up to 3500
Propeller size [cm] / [in]:46 / 18

Backpack XL content:

  • 1 x Backpack XL frame
  • 1 x propring
  • 1 x hardware kit

Pilot Tom ARTF and Kingair Evo harness

With its significant size 70cm (26.1in) (scale 1/2.5), the last born of the Opale Paramodels pilots range is a true masterpiece of engineering.

A frontal dedicated pocket allows to easily grab the harness for a manual take off. And that’s not all, to increase the realism, a rescue parachute handle and 2 brake handles, very similar to the legitimate ones, are also provided.
Associated with the latest harness Kingair Evo developed by Opale Paramodels in Europe, the visual appearance has never been at this very detailed level before! The straps and the compartments make that harness the most convenient on the RC paraglider market.

Find out more informations here

Pilot Tom features:

Height [cm] / [in]:70 / 26.1
Materials:Polyurethane resin / Nylon PU / G10
Servomotors (pilot's arms):2x 24kg/cm servos (size: 66x30x60mm / 2.6x1.2x2.4in)
Servomotors (Speedbar system): 2x 10kg/cm servos (size: 40x20x40mm / 1.6x0.8x1.6in) 
Empty weight [kg] / [lb]:2.25 / 5
Maximum weight [kg] / [lb]:10 / 22

Tom ARTF kit content:

  • 1 x pilot Tom frame
  • 1 x flight suit
  • 1 x Kingair Evo harness
  • 1 x hardware and accessories kit
  • 1 kg of ballast

Included in this kit:

  • 1 x Oxy 5.0
  • 1 x Backpack XL
  • 1 x pilot Tom ARTF
  • 1 x Backpack XL motor kit (motor+ESC+propeller)

Required and not included:

  • 2x 4S 4000mAh Lipo battery (in serial)
  • 2S 2000mAh Lipo battery for Rx
  • Mixer for RC paramodels
  • Transmitter 2.4Ghz with receiver
  • Battery charger


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RC paramotor kit ARTF Oxy 5.0 / Backpack XL / Pilot Tom

RC paramotor kit ARTF Oxy 5.0 / Backpack XL / Pilot Tom

Looking for a RC paramotor model versatile and true-to-life. Well, you are in the right place. With the attention that we attached to details you will not find a more realistic model.


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