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Jeti Duplex - Enlink 2RS plus (2 pcs)


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EnLink 2RS Plus is a device for increasing safety and reliability of radio controled models to the highest level. Parallel connection of systems that are detached maximally leads to the significant increase in reliability. EnLink 2RS Plus is constructed especially for installing to systems with parallel sorting of two receivers in the model.

Technical data:

Weight [gr]: 11
Dimensions [mm]: 38x12x6,5
Sustained current [A]: 3
Operational temperature [°C]: -20...85
Recommended input voltage [V]: 5...8.4
Input voltage max [V]: 16
Peak current (max 5s) [A]: 12

EnLink 2RS Plus is capable of merging the servo signals as well a PPM, UDI or EX Bus protocols.

EnLink 2RS Plus with the PPM software is primarily used to transfer the PPM signal. The PPM signal brought to one of the ENLIK inputs is copied to the output. EnLink 2RS Plus checks if there is signal on Master. If there is, it is immediately, without delay, copied to the output. If a signal loss occurs on the Master, the EnLink switches to Slave and starts copying signal from the Slave in case there is any on its input. As soon as the signal is restored, the EnLink switches back to copying the Master signal.

EnLink 2RS Plus is even able to copy some types of communication (such as UDI, EX Bus) up to the speed of 125kbps. Therefore, it can be used even in cases when it is necessary to use longer wiring that can cause deterioration of the communication quality. The EnLink 2RS Plus therefore functions as a repeating device, where you just plug in one of the ENLIK 2RS Plus inputs.

Enlink 2RS Plus is only capable of copying unidirectional communication.


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Jeti Duplex - Enlink 2RS plus (2 pcs)

Jeti Duplex - Enlink 2RS plus (2 pcs)

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