New products

A dream slightly crazy
borned in 2009
Mathieu CHARLES had this wild dream, create a new RC discipline as fun as exciting.
In 2009, the dream came true: the Rc paragliding was born under the brand of Opale Paramodels.
So Opale Paramodels quite naturally came to  nest at Boulogne-sur-Mer (north of France) between land and sea, where the R & D department can test the latest creations in any weather conditions.
the 7th heaven
After promising starts, after few years of development, Opale Paramodels finally convert the try, and the pioneer reached the leadership position.

The recipe for success?

- 1 design department integrated to innovate all time and select the best materials.

- 1 assembling and prototyping workshop "made in France" to ensure the quality of our products, accurately assembled all our products are tested and controlled.

- 1 storage area on site to provide express delivery.

And of course a hint of creativity and passion to always move forward and challenge the limits of the possible.
Fancy a unique model? The R & D department will provide you a bespoke service according your ideas. We will help you navigate the process to make a very single and customised model.
Quality standards
Proud of the quality of it's made in France models, result of years of research and development. The materials thanks to the team knowledge, which is made of paragliders, are carefully chosen according to their physical resistance, their durability and for their ability to be assembled with a surgical precision.
The reasults can be seen through aesthetic and robust models, tested during long hours in all kind of climatic conditions before production.
If a model is damaged, our team can send you a spare part or you can send us back your model... We will take a great care of your rc model and roll up our sleeves to make it fly again.