Published on 20 october 2016

Coupe Icare 2016 : An unforgettable experience

Coupe Icare 2016 : An unforgettable experience

43rd COUPE ICARE in St Hilaire du Touvet - Lumbin from September 22 to 25, 2016

Coupe Icare is the world greatest free flight encounter, packed with emotion, audacity, creativity, fantasy, thrills and laughters, colours and dreams and an unflinching passion for flying.
Once again Opale Paramodels was an active part both at the fair and the event.

We showed the full range of Rc-Paraglider in the Expo area. Besides, outside the RC paragliders were flying all day long. Furthermore interested pilots could make a good impression. Some have the chance also to discuss with other customers and pilots to share experiences. This year, the interest was particularly focused on the Power 1.1 a single Skin wing. Mathieu Charles the chief engineer showed in different flights the Power 1.1 skills. Whether gentle or extreme acro flights, it works very well with the same single wing.

In addition during the flights with Power 1.1 next to the Expo tent some Hybrid 1.8, Oxy 3.0 and Hybrid 3.0 and even more models were circling in thermals.

RC Paragliding becomes also increasingly popular in the manned paragliding and paramotoring world.
Especially paragliding and paramotoring flight schools and manufacturers have discovered this year the RC Paragliding discipline. And realized that it can be a good learning tool for the paragliding basics, and beginners can easily make their first experiences with the models in the thermals.

We would like to thank at this point for all visitors and especially the pilots. The popularity and the interest showed us that we are on the right way.

We see us soon on the next edition