Published on 19 june 2017

Opale Fest V3.0

Opale Fest V3.0

The 3rd edition of the Opale Fest took place in Isère, the region made of beautiful mountain landscape is ideal to enjoy hours of flight. This event is the largest RC paramotor meeting in France where all pilots and interested person are welcomed to share a convivial and worthwile moment.

The event was scheduled on the week end but we arrived on Friday and we’ve been surprise that some of the pilots where there already and it took only a few minutes before someone launch a model and start to enjoy flying. Peter, a belgian pilot and fore sure the most motivated, was the one who had further to go. The wonderful weather and the magnificent landscape woke our thermal hunting instincts which kept us in the sky until late evening.

So the rest of the pilots came on Saturday, with a perfect weather and flight conditions therefore the sky quickly filled up with paramotors. We introduce this year the Power 2.7 and the Hybrid 5.2 and some of the pilots already brought their own and were very pride to be able to show these noveltys to others. And it is in a friendly atmoshpere that flight cessions took place, during this cessions experienced pilots were happy to share their experienced and learn some tricks to the beginners. Then the rain stop the cessions, a special time to share a moment with pilots under the Opale tent.

Once the clouds were gone we flew non stop up to 5pm. The friendliness and the kindness of the pilots made this event a unique moment.

So we hope to see you, next year.