Published on 21 june 2017

2017 DMFV Workshop - Germany

2017 DMFV Workshop - Germany

DMFV Workshop in Germany

From the 15th to the 18th of June 2017, The German Model Aircraft Federation (DMFV) landed in Neudstadt / Saale. Every year, the workshop organized by the DMFV get more and more participants. The 60 members, present this year, were there to share experiences, training sessions or lessons and enjoy non restricted flights. The members also got the chance to have a closer look at the state of the art RC paramotor models of all sizes.

Since the geinning of this event, Opale Paramodels  take a great pleasure in participating to this workshop. The focus was this year on the 2 new wings: the Power 2.7 and the Hybrid 5.2.

These were shown during several flight demonstrations. Many members were captivated by the RC paraglider pilot TOM and its big Hybrid 5.2. They were especially fascinated by the technology used for the skeleton of the pilot, which thanks to its design is nearly unbreakable.

All participants were able to enjoy the workshop with peace of mind, thanks to the amazing and impressive organisation of the DMFV and the local flight club. Whenever it was too windy, theoretical learning sessions were settled or members who desired to practice wing inflations were welcomed to do  ground handling on the field, so there was basically no time to get bored.

The fun of unrestricted flight sessions was so intense that we flew until late evening and we stopped once we ran out of batteries.