Published on 29 september 2017

Impressions of a RC paramotor pilot on the Power 2.7

Impressions of a RC paramotor pilot on the Power 2.7

Laurent, a huge RC paramotor fan, follows us since the beginning. Indeed, he is one of the rare pilots who ha the chance to fly with all the Opale wings. So we especially wanted to share with you his impressions regarding the Power 2.7.

A story to read and watch!

"I was spellbound by this wing as soon as it was on the market. Besides the fact that it is wonderful, I was also looking for a responsive wing with a greater penetration.

So after thinking it over and over, review my model, a backpack and a pilot that I made by myself, I was ready to purchase the wing.

Last minutes settings checked, We couldn’t miss these week end weather conditions it is the north of France after all we might not have another chance to fly ;-). I flew the 2 entire days at Merlimont beach having some fun with a constant sea wind of 5 to 10km/h."

"The inflation is incredibly easy, to the point that I was pulling too hard.

The video does show the high altitude flights, this wing is awesome, it soars with a really low sink rate even if there was no thermals.

Extremely responsive, it begs for controlling, it is highly accurate with tense trajectories. You have to be really gentle with the sticks but the ground exercices shown on the video reveal its great handling."

"On the motor side, you need power, I measured my motor to 1050W with 6S battery. it is the minimum because with some wind you will have to increase the amount of ballast and with less ballast it will be harder to gain altitude.

As you will understand, I am definitively seduced by its capacities besides it is wonderful.

I can’t wait the slope soaring cessions...

Bravo and Thanks Mathieu!"