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Do you ask yourself questions ? Find out here answers to the most common questions

My RC paramotor seems not to move forward very fast. How to remedy this problem?

If your model advance a little bit, or if it even stays on-the-spot, it is because your model is too light. In that case, you have to land and increase the weight with additional ballast or batteries until you obtain a 5 to 10 km/h with regard to the ground.

How do I know if the brakes bridle are adjusted correctly?

Brakes bridle are perfectly adjusted when the trailing edge is completely loose while flying, with the depth stick pushed up. Also, as soon as you push laterally of some millimiters the aileron stick, the trailing edge must begin to fold immediately. Otherwise, you must shorten centimeter by centimeter until you obtain an immediate control. It is a matter of the RC paramotor stability. The “Two inflating” method let perform a correct adjustment in 80% of cases. Think of it!

How do I know if the wing is correctly connected to the backpack?

When holding the model by the backpack/pilot, wing downwards, none of the bridle must cross, or turn around another bridle. Otherwise, you will have to untangle your wing. Before first flight, check the tightening of your inox buckles.

In what sense is it necessary to mount the propeller?

To obtain a maximal thrust, the propeller leading edge must be directed forward the backpack. It is easy to recognize the leading edge, because it is the bulged portion and non cutting side of the propeller. The trailing edge must be directed backwards. It is the cutting part of the propeller.
Generally, propellers have a logo or a marking. It is most of the time put on the leading edge.

How to inflate correctly his RC paramotor wing?

To inflate correctly his wing, it is essential to face it to the wind, at a sufficient distance from any obstacle. ( generally 300m). Maintain your backpack at the basis and give a dry horizontal pulse while accompanying the rise of the wing. Throw smoothly the backpack straight away with a 50% engine speed.

I broke a bridle. How can I replace it?

The bridle can be replaced easily by following the splice method described in the wing manual.

My wife is fed up with looking at me sleeping with my RC paraglider. What can I do?

This is a very complicated situation at first sight. Nevertheless, two solutions can solve this problem. At first, you can lend her your credit card during sales period, or, in a second time, ask her for a friendly divorce. (But prefer the first solution, your RC paraglider’s custody is in the game!).

There is a hole in my wing. How can I fix it?

A hole can be fixed in a few minutes thanks to the adhesive tissue provided with your wing. Follow the instructions described in this manual at the previous chapter.

Why my wing doesn’t inflate, even when facing to wind?

If the wing doesn’t inflate even when facing to the wind, the brakes bridle adjustment is too short. In that case, extend them centimer by centimeter then perform again the “two inflating” method, to ensure the control at first take off.

Is it possible to replace the risers ?

A riser can be replaced easily. Contact your Opale Paramodels dealer to obtain the correct reference.

Is it possible for the RC paramotor wing to take away some material for shooting/FPV? Until which mass?

Each wing has a maximal takeaway capacity. Check the model total weight and compare it with the wing’s take away capacity. You will obtain the payload value, compatible or not with your equipment. Be careful, if you make your paramotor strongly heavy, think of a more powerful motorization, by keeping a 150 W motor ratio / Kg of complete model.

Can I fly anywhere with my wing? Is it a danger for the goods and the people?

You can’t fly anywhere with your wing. To practice aeromodelling, you must own a third-party insurance and practice on a ground with the owner’s agreement. Ideally, contact your aeromodelling federation. It is forbidden to fly in an urban zone and close to the houses. This type of model is not light, it can causes heavy physical and material damages. Use it carefully and without going above your limits.

Until which height can I fly the wing?

In order to not disturb aerial traffic, maximum authorized height is about 150m from the ground. Contact your federation and the organism of aerial traffic management of your country to have reliable information about it.

Is it possible for my hamster to fly my RC paramotor? Which precautions to take?

Check if your hamster is solidly attached to the backpack. The wear of a helmet and flysuit is advised. If you perform several 360) and wingovers, think of install under the batteries, a little plastig bag near its paws with few menthol candies.

Can I do another use of the paramotor wing?

This wing can be used for slope soaring without backpack. In that case, you will have to attach a pilot as real paraglider discipline.

Is it possible that the wing deflates while flying? Which behavior to adopt in that case?

If your wing deflates while flying and begin to reverse, it is because you have too much requested the brakes. To remedy this phenomenon, slacken gradually the radio sticks and think of cutting the throttle.

Is it important to untangle correctly the bridle befor flying? How can I do? I am lost with all those strings!

It is essential to untangle well the bridle. If not, you can strongly distort the flight characteristics of the wing. To untangle all the bridle fastly, drop the wing out of the backpack. Hold the riser by the endpoint and seize one by one the bridle around the principal bridle package Always take first the most distant bridle.

My wing is caught in a thermal and gets altitude. What can I do to regain control?

This scenario is usual when convection conditions are present. In that case, no panic. Relax and maintain a trajectory as rectilinear as possible to fastly go out of the thermal.

How can I maintain and clean my wing?

If you made your wing dirty, you can clean it with a wet cloth. You can rince it with clear water as well. Never use chemical products! The tissue could be hardly damaged. Think of tidy your wing in a dry place, shielded from UV and humidity.