Published on 05 february 2017

Travel to the USA. AMA Expo West 2017

Travel to the USA.  AMA Expo West 2017

AMA Expo West 2017 USA

Every year the first fair is in January. It is the AMA Expo West 2017 at the Ontario Convention Center from January the 6th until the 8th. Of course it is a long way for us from France. The travel time was over 16 hours. Once you arrived in L.A. you recover from all the stress quickly. 

On friday we were on time for the opening at the Convention Center. The exhibition opened with the national anthem unlike in Europe. Right from the start the visitors showed a lot of interest on our booth, which we had together with our partner in the USA, Esprit Model. This time we have brought significantly more exhibits so that the whole product range could be shown -  from the smallest set with the Oxy 0.5 to the Oxy 5.0 with Pilot TOM including Backpack XL. That goes through the whole size and range of offers. We were impressed by the note of some customers “ in my motorhome I have enough space“. We don´t see these dimensions of motorhomes in Europe. We already knew these dimensions from Joe Nall Week 2016.


Brighten up were the hours with ongoing flying demonstrations. Very quickly they welcomed us at the flying area.

The officials were happy to see something new. And it didn´t take long that someone borrowed one of our RC paraglider to make a round in the very large indoor airfield. They were fascinated by flying our models.

The sense of delight came to us and nothing was new anymore. And we saw the shining eyes oft he numerous visitors. Questions like: is it difficult to learn, could be shown and explained on the flying area. We did not just fly the Oxy 0.5 kit, the classic indoor set (later on you can read about our experiences at the coast) we also flow the Power 1.1.

The visitors who have been already delighted to see the Oxy 0.5 set were fascinated by the Power 1.1.

We were very happy to answer all questions about RC-Paraglider. But not just this we showed all interested persons we gave everyone the possibility to fly. Every start was a success and they were surprised how easy it was. Starting the Oxy 5.0 with a wingspan of 5,10 indoor is something special for every pilot . It showed how easy the start with such a wingspan can be. Outdoor with a bit wind the start will be even easier. In comparison with a 5 m sailplane it is a walk-over.

The size of the package convinces every pilot especially when you have to transport it by car or the way to your starting point at the mountains or at the coast. Opale offers the whole range for it.

Among the singleskin paraglider is  the Oxy 0.5, Power 1.1 and Oxy 5.0. The range of wings is completed with the Hybrid 1.8 and Hybrid 3.0 the newest wing with hybrid technic. The singleskin as the hybrid paraglider are for beginners and just the size is your choice. Additionally the ambitious pilots will have fun with the Fox RS 2.6. (double layer).

Towards San Diego the most beautiful region in California.

After the fair we drove towards San Diego. Together with James of Esprit tech we traveled on Monday by rain to the most beautiful paragliding spots in the USA , the Torrey Pines Gliderport.  Unfortunately the weather wasn´t good and at one stage we couldn´t continue.

Further on we arrived at La Jotta and the beach was as desired for us. The beach was nearly deserted and perfect for us to fly. Our beloved Oxy 0.5 came into action again. The wing is not just indoor a top choice  also outside at the beach, it does show its skills.

It didn´t take long and we had our first visitors who were interested for a closer look. Especially the easy handling impressed the onlooker.


Thankfully the weather got better and we went onto La Jotta Strand Park. We are only able to fly on the coast when the wind direction comes from the open sea  towards the coast.

Further on in San Diego –Roseville-Fleet Ridge was a feast for the eyes. The name Sunset Cliffs is not just a name it is magic. Approximately 100 visitors were there to experience the sunset with us. Before Mathieu again performed the OXY 0.5 and the Power 1.1 into the air.

Flying between these cliffs and the spot was awesome.


With increasing wind Mathieu started to fly the Power 1.1. If slowly, sportive or aerobatics the setting enchants every paraglider.

Not just us had a stunning moment watching the sunset also all the other visitors. Next to the sunset pictures a lot of visitors took photos of our performances.

Everyone who had been to this spot is able to confirm that this is the most beautiful region in California.

Part II about about out USA trip come soon.