Backpack XS3


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Unleash the potential of your model with a lightweight, robust and versatile chassis, designed for a wing of 2 to 3m wingspan

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Pilot skills - Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Pilot skills


Max flight time - 45 min

Max flight time

45 min

Flight type - Versatile, Indoor, Acrobatic

Flight type


FPV - Yes



Propeller size - 10 "

Propeller size

10 "

Power range - 380-965W

Power range


Backpack XS3

Welcome to the 3rd generation of XS series chassis. Popular for its versatility, ease of assembly and use, this new generation is the result of a synthesis of the needs expressed in recent years.

Realism has been increased by the integration of a pilot. This can be optionally equipped with a head (size M), a Ben pilot suit, giving you a scale look.
The pilot is designed to accommodate servomotors from 12 to, giving the arms the effort they need depending on your application (Standard flight: OPS1220PS / Acro flight: 19 to OPS1920AHV to OPS2920AHV )
The speedbar function is integrated in the legs of the pilot.
The optimization of the geometry of this chassis allows you to position the lipo battery vertically, favoring the concentration of masses and better stability in flight.
Its construction in G10 composite fiber provides resistance to all tests, combining lightness, speed of assembly, long life and an attractive selling price.
Equipped with the famous 10in anti torque propring, it will allow you to maintain a stable straight flight during high powered manoevers.
About power, the chassis can accommodate the demonic Opale OP3548, delivering 965W. It turns the model into a real acrobatic beast.

Do you need to take aerial shoots with a significant autonomy? Just remove the pilot (in a few minutes) and add the servomotor support kit. It allows you to position a 5S / 6S 5000mAh battery, add your video equipment and ballast.


Dimensions 29x28x29cm
Minimal take off weight 1.0kg
Maximal take off weight 2.0kg
Matérials Aluminium / Fibre de verre / Epoxy / Plastique chargé fibre
Towpoint distance 14cm
Servomotors (not included) OPS1220PS - OPS1920AHV -OPS 2920AHV
Servomotors for speedbar OPS0713PHV
Motorisation 380-965W
Propeller 10x 4.7 pouces

Included :

  •  Chassis Backpack XS3 with pilot and G10 arms
  •  Hardware

Not included and necessary for the use of the frame:

  • 2x Servomotors de 12 to ( OPS1220PS / OPS1920AHV to OPS2920AHV)
  • Motorization from 380 to 965W with 10 inch propeller
  • Lipo battery (to be chosen according to the motorization) of a 3S 2500mAh is ideal with the 380W to be housed in the back of the pilot)
  • a receiver
  • 2 to 3m wingspan wing
  • Pilot head M size

Not inclued and optional :

  • Pilot Ben Jacket
  • Mike or Lea Head M size
  • Ben scale arms
  • Ben scale shoes
  • 2x Servomotors for speedbar  Ref OPS0713PHV


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Backpack XS3

Backpack XS3

Unleash the potential of your model with a lightweight, robust and versatile chassis, designed for a wing of 2 to 3m wingspan


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